"Swatantrata Ka Amrit Mahotsav"
Indian Science and Scientist's Contributions in Swatantrata Sangram

December 22-25, 2021
IIT Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Focal Theme

Collaborative Ecosystem of Traditional and Modern Sciences for
Vikashit Pradesh - Aatmanirbhar Desh

Indian Knowledge Systems
Venue: IIT Indore Program Schedule

Description: India has a very rich scientific heritage. Much of the knowledge is in the forms of manuscripts, oral traditions, and practices handed pre-served by generations of scholars, artisans, and practitioners of traditional arts. This session will bring together experts from various Indian knowledge Systems to promote awareness and generate interest in the students, scientists, and general public about the Indian Scientific Knowledge Systems. Experts with deep knowledge of the Indian knowledge Systems will be sharing their insights and knowledge with the audience.

Dedicated sessions will showcase the works of various traditional Indian practices related to metallurgy, sustainable construction practices, water harvesting, agriculture and traditional medicine. A special session will be organized to discuss the relevance and importance of the Indian Knowledge Systems in the context of modern science and current challenges faced by the Nation and the world.

Host Coordinators:

Dr. Sunil K. Somani VC
Email: vc@orientaluniversity.in
Mobile: 7987151051

Dr. Dhurav Dhar
Email: dhruvaghai@orientaluniversity.in
Mobile: 9589563210


Prof. G. S. Murthy, IIT Indore
Dr. Pritee Sharma, IIT Indore
Dr. Rajesh Sharma, MPCST, Govt. of MP
Dr. M. M. P. Shrivastava, VIBHA
Dr. Venkatesh Raman, VIBHA
Email: mpvs.iks [at] gmail.com