"Swatantrata Ka Amrit Mahotsav"
Indian Science and Scientist's Contributions in Swatantrata Sangram

December 22-25, 2021
IIT Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Focal Theme

Collaborative Ecosystem of Traditional and Modern Sciences for
Vikashit Pradesh - Aatmanirbhar Desh

Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property Right
Venue: Indore Institute of Law, Indore Program Schedule

Innovation is a constant source of growth and development for a knowledge economy. India has a rich heritage of scientific and technological inventions. In modern times, such inventions are protected using different means under the umbrella term of intellectual property rights (IPRs). India has made headways to create a TRIPS compliant, robust, and dynamic IPR regime. Apart from protecting recent technological inventions, the focus of policymakers is also to safeguard Indian traditional knowledge, arts, and local products for better commercialization opportunities. During the sessions, we will create awareness among students and faculty members about the different types of IPRs. Next, we will examine and understand the role of IPRs in promoting technological growth in a country. A special session will focus on the ways through which IPRs can help in protecting the traditional knowledge while creating better marketing opportunities for local products.

Host Coordinators:

Mr. Akshay Bam
Mobile: 9893056700

Dr. Ruchi Sharma
Email: ruchi@iiti.ac.in
Mobile: 9713870371


Dr. Ruchi Sharma, IIT Indore
Dr. Ram Sajeevan Maurya, IIT Indore
Dr. N. K. Choubey, MPCST, Govt. of MP
Dr. Jitendra Bhawsar, VIBHA
Email: mpvs.ipr [at] gmail.com